essa é pra galera que nao estao contente com seu penis axei um blog que disponibiliza um tutorial que ensina fazer um extensor caseiro similar aos vendidos na internete que custam um absurdo.

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04/10/2014 21:44
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I broke my wrist, and after time in a cast, most of my forearm strntgeh was gone.  In physical therapy, I used an exercise machine that offered resistance as you twisted your wrist side to side (like the motion of this Iron Arms device).I liked that motion but could not find anything that replicated it.  The Iron Arms trainer is the only thing I found that is even close (well, obviously not as good as the multi-thousand dollar machine at physical therapy, but for 20 dollars that wouldn't be expected).This item consists of two pieces of molded plastic for the  rings , two plastic handles and two springs, so it isn't a heavy duty built piece of equipment.  It is, by no means, some sort of wonder machine.  Part of the problem is it is progressive, that is, the further you twist, the harder it gets.  This is because you are squeezing a spring, so the beginning of the stroke is too easy, and therefor that part of the stroke doesn't really do anything for you.  Only when the spring is compressed enough to make the motion difficult does the device have an effect.  But then, it gets too hard to push as you go further, so you can not continue through the motion.  So there is a very limited range of motion when this device is really effective.  It would be comparable to doing an arm curl starting with 1 pound of weight through the first 1/3rd of the curl, then 40 pounds through the second 1/3rd of the curl, then 200 pounds through the last 1/3rd of the motion.  Most likely, the first 1/3rd isn't doing any good and the last 1/3rd you can't do, so only the middle third is doing you any good.  What I am saying is, this device is not a wonder machine.  It works okay, but really, it isn't all that useful for an actual, complete range of muscle building.Anyway, on my good arm, the device doesn't do much, because that arm is already strong enough that the spring doesn't offer enough resistance to be very effective, but on my weak arm, it is useful.I think if you are very strong, this will be of little use to you as it only offers a lower level of resistance, but for a weaker arm, it may be useful.For another exercise, I also use a heavy hammer using the same twisting motion as the Iron Arms.  I can vary resistance just by moving the hammer handle farther in or out of my hand.  This is also good for stretching the tendons and such, since my wrist lost movement range after the break.Final word: this is not a great piece of equipment.  It is a reasonably decent device, considering the price, than is useful for people like me who have a weakened arm for one reason or another.  To tell you the truth, I would never had bought this thing if is wasn't for wanting it as a exercise for my weakened arm after having a broken wrist.  $10 would be a better price.  And you really need to try this thing before buying to make sure the resistance range will be helpful to you.  If both my arms had the strntgeh they once had before I broke my wrist, this thing would do me no good at all.
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