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04/10/2014 15:37
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The TimeGlider website and alacipption is something truly unique and useful. It virtually allows for users to create their own timeline rather that be on the topic of family lineage or of historical events. It was similar to Google maps whereby users or viewers have the ability to scroll in closer to particular instance of time from as units as small as hours to span of up 600 years.One neat aspect of this web alacipption was immediately after creating an account; you as the user are directed to own blank timeline where you can start right away on creating your own timeline project. From the free account option, you have the opportunity to create up to 5 of your own timeline projects.  One of the projects I viewed was of World War One. It was by far the most in depth and detailed timeline I had ever viewed either on paper or on computer. I found the project creative and complex as even the slightest hint of history was added such as the allied defeat at the Battle of Le Cateau  August 26th, 1914 which began at 7am.Overall this site seemed to be a great platform for creating new learning materials that could be highly valued over universal subjects from science, to history, to even civics
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